Werkzeug- und FormenbauTooling and Mould ConstructionПроизводство инструментов и пресс-форм


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Gräfenthaler Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Coburger Straße 56 - 58
98743 Gräfenthal

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GKT, Gräfenthaler Kunststofftechnik GmbH - for many years the epitome of high-precision, technically sophisticated tool- and mould-making.

Our Toolmaking Section will create sturdy and powerful tools to fulfil your exact specifications, up to a total weight of 4.5 tons.

We manufacture 1K and 2K injection moulding tools for thermoplastics and the tools for injection moulding, compression moulding and compaction of thermosets

  • for our own use and use by others
  • right on time,
  • to the highest degree of precision
  • and the highest standard of quality.

We have CNC equipment and skills for milling, die sinking, wire eroding and deep-hole drilling to ensure extreme efficiency, quality and punctuality in our manufacture of tools. 

Our productivity and performance are the results of comprehensive skills and instrumentation in the CAD and CAM field, right through to the CNC processing.

Alterations to prototype tools or replacements of worn parts on customers' tools will be carried out fast, correctly and professionally whatever the technology. 

State-of-the-art spot-grinding for the finishing touch to the tool will ensure its efficiency.

In the techincal lab belonging to our toolmaking department, we run the first sample production or injection moulding tests. The parameter sheets printed out help us to draw conclusions on the quality of the prototype tool and whether it is ready to be used in mass production. 

From start to finish, the whole design and manufacturing process for the tool, the prototyping, the creation of the prototype test report in our testing laboratory using the 3D-coordinate instruments and the production-readiness stage is closely supervised by our project managers.