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The success of our company rests on the high quality of the work carried out by both staff and management, and its effectiveness. We are each and every one of us spurred on by our motto of:"Competent, powerful, your partner for the future!"

First-class quality is top priority at GKT. By it we judge all we do, for the satisfaction we give our customers is the assurance of our company's long-term success.

We have an integrated quality management system following the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards. It is the foundation stone for our preventive quality assurance and the continous improvement of all our processes. We are guided and bound by it. 

At the core of our management system is the fulfilment of expectations - those of our customers, our staff and our society as a whole and those inherent in the concepts of quality, health and safety at work, environment and energy.

The quality-consciousness and specialist knowledge of our staff is kept needle-sharp by continuous in-house and out-of-house training. This means we are able to maintain our quality and always satisfy our customers.

In setting the goal of perfection for all the joint work we do with customers, suppliers and our own production we also aim to achieve long-term cooperative business relationships.

Our testing and experimental laboratory produces measurement and inspection reports of many kinds. It is equipped with an optical and tactile 3-dimensional measurement instrument, a humidity meter and a roughness tester. The investigations include machine capability analyis (MCA), process capability analysis and measurement system analysis (MSA). The reports include those on attributes and variables, those on first-off inspection and those in compliance with Volume 1 of the VDA booklet (“Parts requiring documentation by automotive manufacturers and their suppliers”) and with the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).