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In-house innovative research and development is taken seriously by GKT. By consistently putting the results of their R and D projects into practice, the GKT staff pursue continuous improvement, adding to the research and development capacity of the company as a whole.

The development work is successful because it takes as its starting-point our view of market needs and our adoption of the latest scientific knowledge obtained from pure research.

There are two main routes we take in progressing development work:

  • firstly, the development of plastics products customised to the specifications of the customer and
  • secondly, the pursuit of our own ideas from the drawing board to the market-ready product or process.

Because R and D commissions are growing in complexity, close cooperation is necessary with reputable Institutes, Universities of Applied Science and other companies in our branch of industry. All this joint work has enabled GKT to find applications for new results from pure research so that these could quickly find their way into industry and the development of products and processes.

To ensure the maturity of new developments, it is our practice to go through each of the following development stages:


  • market analysis to determine the demand.
  • research into the current state of the art.
  • development of prototypes and experimental devices.
  • creation and testing of prototypes. involvement of potential customers at this stage of the development.
  • evaluation of the test results, refinement of the products and processes to enable them to be transferred into mass production without risk.


A new gating technique for the manufacture of parts in thermosetting fibreglass-filled polyester (also known as bulk moulding compound, BMC). A dough-like injection mouldeable mass of BMC is used as the raw material

The aim is direct filling of the cavities by injection, without the use of sprues, to improve the process parameters and enable the optimal sprue position to be found for filling.

The development has already reached a stage where GKT possesses sound knowledge on design and manufacture of BMC tools and a reliable process for use in sprueless BMC moulding.

GKT has been able to extend its long experience in design and manufacture of BMC injection moulding tools and in the technical details of the manufacturing process for BMC parts to the sprueless system. The outcome is a highly competitive system for a failure-proof process by which to make such plastic parts.